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Lower Eyelid Lift Surgery

Some of us begin to age prematurely around the eyes. Much of this problem is inherited and cannot be fixed with lotions or creams.

As your lower eyelids have begun to age, you may have noticed lines at the corners called “crow’s feet.” You might also have developed puffy lower eyelids and excess fat called eye bags. This usually leads to dark under eye circles.

All of these conditions can make you look tired and older than you are. People may ask if you have been sleeping enough or if you feel well. A lower eyelid lift (also called lower blepharoplasty) may be right for you. In fact, this one change can often make your entire face look younger.

Lower eyelid surgery is an especially delicate procedure that requires a skilled and experienced surgeon. Dr. Robinson is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Cincinnati, Ohio who performs lower eyelid surgery regularly in his cosmetic surgery practice.

This procedure has become popular with both men and women. It can be done by itself or as part of a total facial rejuvenation program including a facelift, mini facelift, mid facelift, chin contouring, BOTOX, Restylane, and/or Collagen. Many people have upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty) at the same time as a lower eye lift to eliminate sagging upper lids.

What Happens During Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Robinson will first examine your eyes thoroughly to check for any conditions that might mean you are not a good candidate for eyelid surgery.

If cosmetic eyelid surgery is performed, it is done on an outpatient basis in a fully accredited facility with a board certified Anesthesiologist present to ensure your comfort. The procedure takes only about one hour.

Excess skin and fat is removed from the lower lids in order to make the area smoother and tighter. The result is very natural-looking. People are likely only to comment that you look better or more rested.

Lower Blepharoplasty Recovery

Recovery time is fast after an eye lift. There may be slight swelling and bruising around the lower eyelids. Similar to upper eyelid surgery, most people are back to work within ten days. Some people who have clerical jobs only take a couple of days off work for recovery.

The small incisions heal quickly and are not noticeable. The results are long lasting, and most people enjoy their new, youthful look for up to ten years.

Your Consultation for Lower Eyelid Surgery in Ohio

At your consultation, Dr. Robinson will examine your eyes thoroughly and discuss the procedure with you. He will also show you lower blepharoplasty before and after photos of others who have had the procedure. Dr. Robinson will then take pictures of you to serve as your “before pictures”. After your healing process is complete, he will take “after pictures” and give you both sets of photos. It can be exciting to compare the differences.

When you’re ready to improve the appearance of your eyes and look younger, Dr. Robinson invites you to take that next step and schedule a consultation to discuss lower eyelid surgery at one of our offices: 1 Plastic Surgery Plaza, 4850 Red Bank Expressway, Cincinnati, OH 45227 or 7162 Liberty Centre Drive Suite C, West Chester, OH 45069. You may contact us by the email form provided. You may also call us at (513) 791-4440 for the Cincinnati location or (513) 769-3223 for the West Chester location.


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