Dr. Steven Robinson of the Plastic Surgery Group
Start Fall Right With These Skin Care Tips

Welcome the fall season with rejuvenated, beautiful skin. Tweaking your beauty products and making other adjustments to your skin care regimen can keep you look radiant throughout fall.¬†Below, Dr. Steven Robinson of Ohio Plastic Surgeons lists some of his favorite beauty tips for fall. Moisturize and Exfoliate A lightweight moisturizer or skin serum is great for summer, but cooler weather calls for a heavier cream or oil-based moisturizer. The heavier … Read More

Get a Glowing Face Without Surgery

In youth, our glowing faces withstood all sorts of knocks: late nights studying or partying, a not-always-clean diet and, okay, maybe a little bit of alcohol. But as we get older, our faces usually tell a different story. Years of less-than-stellar habits, or even just the aging process itself, can begin to wear on us, causing our once-radiant faces to start looking dull or tired. What can be done? As … Read More