Dr. Steven Robinson of the Plastic Surgery Group
Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery with Dr. Robinson

Learn the ins and outs of the mommy makeover with Dr. Steven Robinson of Ohio Plastic Surgeons. Learn the procedures involved with a mommy makeover and most importantly, learn exactly what Dr. Robinson’s patients think of him and his work. The Mommy Makeover with Dr. Robinson starts with Breast Augmentation to restore the shape and volume of your breasts (often times we will do a Breast Lift at the same … Read More

Breast Augmentation FAQ

1. Breast Lift vs. Augmentation how to tell which is needed. Breast augmentation is done alone when there is minimal excess skin and sagging (ptosis) of the breasts. This is usually the case in younger women and in women who have not had children. If someone is an “A” or “B” cup, they usually do not need a breast lift, but only an augmentation with an implant to increase the … Read More

Breast Implants in the USA

Breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in 2012. More than a quarter of a million breast augmentation were performed in the United States alone. There are two general types of breast implants available in the USA – saline and silicone. Both consist of a silicone outer shell, the difference is what’s inside. Find out more implant facts and history in this informative Infographic by Dr. Steven Robinson.

“Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

The FDA will soon approve the newer “gummy bear” breast implants for general use. As soon as they are approved, I will have them. I have already seen them and I think in certain people they will give a nicer shape. Stay tuned and I will let you know when they are here.    Dr. Robinson

Recalled French Breast Implants

The French Government has recalled all PIP breast implants. These were only made in France and used in the European Union and some in South America. They were made with “industrial grade” silicone, not “medical grade” silicone. That means they are contaminated with things that were never meant to be placed inside the body. All of thse implants should be removed and replaced with safe implants. I have already spoken … Read More

Which Breast Implants Are Best?

Are silicone breast implants or saline breast implants best? Read More