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Breast Reduction

Many women have excessively large breasts, a condition called macromastia. These women suffer from chronic back and neck pain. They also experience shoulder pain and grooves from the bra strap. Sometimes symptoms are so bad that there is numbness in their arms. Rashes frequently occur under their breasts, especially in the summer. It is difficult or impossible to find properly fitting bras and clothes. The breast reduction procedure (reduction mammoplasty) is designed for these women.

Dr. Steven Robinson is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon in Cincinnati, Ohio. For over fifteen years he has performed hundreds of breast reductions on women from all over the Midwest. Dr. Robinson uses techniques that leave the shortest scars possible while still accomplishing a reduction and breast lift that is long lasting. The procedure is performed at an accredited outpatient surgery center in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a board-certified anesthesiologist present to ensure your comfort. You go home the same day.

Insurance covers this procedure provided that you meet certain requirements. At your consultation with Dr. Robinson, he will discuss these with you and send a letter to your insurance company requesting coverage. Once approval has been received, we will schedule the breast reduction at your convenience. Most people can go back to work in 2 to 4 weeks, after their breast reduction recovery.

You probably have many questions about the reduction mammoplasty. Please email your questions in the contact box provided and Dr. Robinson will personally answer all questions. Email correspondence is kept in strict confidence. When you are ready, you are invited you to come into our office for a consultation with Dr. Robinson. There you can talk about your goals, look at before/after pictures, and discuss all options. To set up your consultation, or to ask any other questions, you may call or contact us here.

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