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Breast Lift

The breast lift procedure, also called a mastopexy, is designed to restore a more youthful shape to your breasts. As we age, our bodies change and one of the more visible aspects of aging occurs in the breasts. Many women actually lose breast tissue as they age leaving the breasts smaller than they were. This can be especially noticeable after pregnancy and breast feeding. There may be less tissue but the skin remains, allowing the breasts to sag. The mastopexy is designed to lift up the sagging breast and make the cleavage area fuller again.

Breast lift surgery can also be combined with breast augmentation if desired. This is called a mastopexy augment. Dr. Steven Robinson, a board certified Plastic Surgeon in the Greater Cincinnati area, has been performing mastopexies and mastopexy augments for over fifteen years. He always performs these at an accredited outpatient surgery center. A board-certified Anesthesiologist is present to ensure your comfort. Dr. Robinson makes every effort to use the shortest incisions possible to minimize and hide scars.

The recovery time is fast after this procedure with most people going back to work in under two weeks if their job does not require strenuous physical activity. The results are very long lasting. For more information on the breast lift procedure or the mastopexy augment, feel free to email your questions in the contact box provided. Dr. Robinson will answer all emails personally and all correspondences are kept in strict confidence. We also invite you to call our office to ask any other questions you may have or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Robinson.

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