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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck Surgery)

If any of the below conditions describe you, then a tummy tuck may be the solution.

  • Has pregnancy changed the way your belly looks?
  • Are you finding it impossible to regain that flat tummy?
  • Has weight changes over the years left you with loose skin or excess fat?

The abdominoplasty procedure, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is frequently performed after pregnancy, after weight loss in both men and women, or after the aging process has left the abdomen with loose and excess tissue that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Although Dr. Robinson customizes each tummy tuck procedure, there are basically two types of abdominoplasty: The full tummy tuck and the mini tummy tuck. The full tummy tuck removes and tightens excess tissue from the chest down to the waistline, including the flanks, and helps you look slimmer and smoother in the midsection of your body.

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck

The mini-tummy tuck removes excess tissue and skin from the belly button down to the waistline. It is used for those with a small amount of skin and fat.

Mini tummy tuck

What Happens During a Tummy Tuck?

With every tummy tuck surgery, three areas of concern are addressed:

  • Muscle – The abdominal muscles are examined to see if they are stretched and spread apart. This condition is called “Diastasis.” If the condition is present, the muscles are repaired with sutures.
  • Fat – Excess fat is removed with liposuction, which Dr. Robinson always includes at no extra charge with every tummy tuck.
  • Skin – Excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin tightened to create a slimmer appearance.

All of these aspects of your surgery are discussed in detail at the time of your consultation.

Dr. Robinson only performs this procedure in an accredited outpatient surgery center with a board certified anesthesiologist present to assure your comfort. The procedure takes about two hours, after which you can go home later the same day.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

You can expect some soreness and swelling for a few days after your abdominoplasty, but medication can relieve any discomfort. No two tummy tuck procedures are the same, so the amount of recovery time needed can vary. Some people are ready to return to normal activities after only a week, while others may require more time.

If the amount of excess fat and skin you need removed is minimal, a mini tummy tuck may be possible for you, which requires less recovery time.

Your Consultation for a Tummy Tuck in Ohio

At your consultation, Dr. Robinson will talk with you about your goals, examine your body, and explain to you everything you need to know about a tummy tuck.

You will also see tummy tuck before and after photos of others who have had the surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robinson will take pictures of you to serve as your “before pictures”. After you have fully healed from your tummy tuck surgery, he will take “after pictures” and give you both sets of photos. They are exciting to look at and compare the differences.

When you are ready to look slimmer, Dr. Robinson invites you to take that next step and schedule a consultation to discuss tummy tuck surgery at one of our offices: 1 Plastic Surgery Plaza, 4850 Red Bank Expressway, Cincinnati, OH 45227 or 7162 Liberty Centre Drive Suite C, West Chester, OH 45069. You may contact us by the email form provided. You may also call us at (513) 791-4440 for the Cincinnati location or (513) 769-3223 for the West Chester location.

Tummy Tuck FAQ’s

Q. – What is the difference between a mini-tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck?

A. – The mini-tummy tuck takes care of excess skin and tissue from under the belly button to the waistline. The full tummy tuck takes care of excess tissue from the ribs down and also the sides. In other words, the full treats the entire abdomen area while the mini treats the area in front and under the belly button. For people who have had a significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies, the full abdominoplasty is usually required. Dr. Robinson always does liposuction with all of his tummy tucks (at no additional charge) because the final results look so much better.

Q. – Do I have to be at my ideal weight before having a tummy tuck?

A. – No, but in general the closer you are to your goal weight, the better the results will be. Dr. Robinson will discuss weight issues with you at the time of your consultation. The best plan is to be at a weight you can maintain when having the procedure done. It is not beneficial to starve yourself to lose those last 20lbs only to put them on again after surgery. Remember, it is fine to lose weight after a tummy tuck but gaining weight will compromise your results

Q. – How long should I wait after pregnancy to have my tummy tuck?

A. – After you give birth, your abdomen will undergo changes. Your uterus shrinks, you will lose weight, and the skin will tighten to some degree. These changes usually take about 6 months. It is best to wait that long to allow these to take place before having a tummy tuck or liposuction of the abdomen.

Q. – What if I get pregnant after having a tummy tuck?

A. – Pregnancy after having a tummy tuck will not harm you or your baby. However, it might stretch out the skin and lessen the overall results of your tummy tuck. Some women do not gain much weight with pregnancy and they may not have the stretching of the skin like others. At any rate, even if you do get pregnant and your skin is not as tight afterwards, a touch up procedure can always be done. It is best to wait about 6 months after your pregnancy to determine if a touch-up is desired.

Q. – Does it matter if I have a C-section scar?

A. – No, a tummy tuck can still be done if you have had one or more c-sections. In fact. Dr. Robinson can usually completely remove this older scar and leave you with only one scar – that being from the tummy tuck. Even if you had the older vertical c-section scar, it can usually be removed and a better hidden scar left in its place. Dr. Robinson will look at your older scars and discuss how they can be managed with a tummy tuck.

Q. – How long is the recovery from a tummy tuck?

A. – That depends on the physical demands of your job and lifestyle. Dr. Robinson restricts exercise for 4 weeks after this procedure. For people with a “desk job” most can go back to work in about 2 weeks. Those who have to stand or lift for their job might need 3 to 4 weeks off. Many employers will offer a light-duty job temporarily that people could return to sooner. Your job and time off requirements will be discussed at the time of your consultation. We are happy to fill out leave of absence forms or FMLA if your employer requires them.

Q. – When can I see my results?

A. – You will see a big difference right away. However, because of the swelling and bruising that frequently occurs with this procedure, it might be 3 or 4 months before you see 100% of your results. Because Dr. Robinson performed liposuction with his tummy tucks, there usually is some swelling that lasts a few months. The final results, however, are worth the wait.

Q. – Do I have to wear a garment after the procedure?

A. – Yes, Dr. Robinson will supply you with a special compression garment for you to wear after your tummy tuck. This garment will be fitted to you at the time of your procedure. You will need to wear it day and night for 4 weeks. After this, Dr. Robinson will tell you when to stop wearing the compression garment and change to a lesser form of support such as Spanx. You will then wear these during the day only, not at night, for another month.

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