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Words can't explain what a great experience I had with Dr. Robinson and his staff.
Satisfied Patient, Columbus, OH
The staff is awesome. I appreciated the attention and the fact Dr. Robinson didn't try to tell me all the things I needed to look good. He even advised that an additional procedure would be too much at one time. That really sealed my confidence in him.
Satisfied Patient,
"I was recommended by a friend and came over 2 hours away to see Dr. Robinson. He and the staff were wonderful"
Satisfied Patient, Ohio
Gave me a good understanding of what to expect, both at the consultation and with the procedure in general
Satisfied Patient, Ohio
Dr. Robinson is a Master! I just wanted to write this review because I had been searching for a Plastic Surgeon in the Cleveland area to look at my daughter's eyelid..She needed surgery and being only 14 years old and on her eye, I wanted to make sure I found the right Dr. SO, I searched for more then 2 years and found Dr. Robinson in Columbus, Ohio. He was the only doctor that recommended a conservative approach and I trusted him completely! This procedure was done in minutes and transformed her self image completely! So, Thank you Dr. Robinson for caring and taking the time to answer my questions completely and with great care! It was worth the 2 hour drive from Cleveland to Columbus to have you care for my daughter.


Jack T., Cleveland, OH
"Was a very positive experience"
Satisfied Patient, Columbus, OH
Dr. Robinson was very kind and took the time to listen to me. My results are everything I had hoped for. Highly recommended.
M.T., Ohio
"Outstanding-never before experienced such competent caring, everyone even remembered my name"
Satisfied Patient, Columbus, OH
"I have referred 2 friends to Dr. Robinson and they feel the same way too"
Satisfied Patient, Columbus, OH
Hi Dr. Robinson: Just a thank you for caring and listening to me regarding my self image. You are the type of surgeon that is rare these days! You listened to me and took great care regarding what I wanted to have done on my face. I needed to go back to work quickly, so you took all of my concerns and you performed a MIRACLE! Now, I feel so much better about myself and I have you to thank! God Bless YOU!
Wes, Columbus, OH
I'm so glad I found Dr Robinson! After my initial consult I knew I didn't need to shop around for a second opinion. He is so confident with his advice and in his work. His demeanor is calming, reassuring and trustworthy. All of his appts I've had zero wait time! As soon as I'm placed in my room it's less than 60 seconds and he's knocking on my door! I've already recommended him to 2 of my friends!
Vanessa Hatfield, Columbus, Ohio
"All of my questions were promptly answered, and I had a lot. Dr. Robinson was very patient and explained in great detail the whole procedure"
Satisfied Patient, Ohio
"When I checked into the surgery center for my procedure, the person doing my check in told me I was with the best in the city...I totally agree"
Satisfied Patient, Columbus
"He took everything I said very seriously even though I was nervous about all of it. He really made me an effort to make it a good experience"
Satisfied Patient, Columbus, OH
What a fabulous facelift! So natural that friends and family ask if I lost weight, changed my hair ( which I did), went on vacation and got lots of rest. Everyone says I look super, but are not sure what I did to look so good. My hair cut throws them all off and they tell me I look 10-15 years younger and should have cut my hair a long time ago. Love that! I now look the way I feel. I will continue to tweak my aging issues with Dr. Robinson as time passes. Friends are shocked if I tell them I had a facelift. They always say, but.....you look so natural! This is just what I had hoped for!

My surgery went great with Dr. Robinson and I was back to work and exercising in 2 weeks. The office staff is amazing.

Satisfied Patient, Columbus, OH

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