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October 2015

Shopping List for Post-Op Recovery

If you already have your surgery date scheduled, now is the time to plan ahead for the recovery period after your breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction or other body enhancement procedure. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven L. Robinson of Ohio Plastic Surgeons has compiled a shopping list of items you will need for a healthy, comfortable recovery.

Food and Drinks for Easy, Healthy Meals

For at least the first few days or week after surgery, you’re going to want to rest as much as possible. This includes taking a break from cooking, so easy meals that you can prepare in advance and then re-heat, or piece together with minimal effort, will be your go-to at this time. Even during recovery, you can choose the healthier options if you plan right. Why not cook and then freeze a healthy meal a few days before your surgery? Healthy casseroles, quiches and soups come to mind for larger portions that you can cook and then break up into meals that can be enjoyed for a few days. And if you get sick of eating the same thing, some sandwich fixings or a throw-together salad kit (found at most supermarkets) can be a great alternative meal. And don’t forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water!

Pillows, and More Pillows

Many procedures, particularly breast surgeries, involve recovery periods where you are advised to sleep with your upper body elevated, to reduce swelling. Now is the time to invest in some comfortable new pillows, especially if the pillows you use now are worn down or uncomfortable. Plan to use three to four pillows to prop up your upper body during the night, though some patients may also use a pillow or two on their sides to prevent them from rolling (and causing them pain) during the night.

Ice Packs

Gently icing your treatment area after surgery will help bring swelling down. Gel ice packs in particular are recommended, as they don’t have the hard, rough edges that other ice packs have, which could cause pain to the area. If you find yourself without a gel pack, however, a bag of frozen vegetables can be used instead. Just make sure to throw it away —  don’t re-freeze it — when you’re done!

Movies, Magazines and Books

You will need to have plenty of rest and at least a few days, if not more, of downtime after surgery. You’ve already planned to take care of your body, but what will you do to keep yourself entertained while you’re recuperating? Why not take this time to rent or download that movie you’ve been wanting to see? If you’re not into reading, you can always listen to an audiobook. And reading magazines, particularly ones with light subjects like beauty, home improvement and health, is a great soothing pastime that won’t require a lot of mental energy.

Want More Tips on Preparing for Your Recovery?

Do you have more questions for Dr. Robinson? If you haven’t already, why not consult with him in order to learn more about the plastic surgery procedure you are interested in, and what the recovery period for that procedure entails. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Robinson, call Ohio Plastic Surgeons at (614) 326-4661.

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