Dr. Steven Robinson of the Plastic Surgery Group

March 2015

What is Restylane Silk?

1.What is Restylane Silk?

Restylane silk is a new version of Restylane that is specifically designed for the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. It is the only dermal filler FDA approved for this purpose. It is softer to the touch than traditional Restylane and can be place superficially in these small lines without feeling as hard as other fillers would.  It is made by the same people who have been making Restylane for over ten years.

2. What is it used for?

Restylane Silk is used on those vertical lines in the upper lip as well as the fine lines in the pink portion of the lips. It can be used to add volume to the lips or simply fill in the lines. It is also used to sharpen the border between the pink portion and skin portion of the lips, called the “white roll.”  This border can develop lines that make it difficult to use lipstick and liner. Silk helps tighten this border in a way that make-up cannot.

3. How is Restylane Silk actually used in treatment?

First, the lips are numbed using a shot of lidocaine (novacaine) like the dentists use. Then, a cream is placed on the outer portion of the lips to finish the numbing process. Then, small injections of Restylane Silk are done in the fine lines around the mouth.  It is injected into the lines to fill them in and allow make-up to go on smoother.

4. How long does it last?

Restylane Silk will last around the mouth in most people for 4 to 6 months. It does not last as long here as in other areas of the face because of the increased motion around the mouth. The body will eventually absorb the Restylane and the area will look as it did before the treatment. Again, most people will see their results for 4 to 6 months before the lines return.

5. Are treatments painful?

I use lidocaine ( novacaine ) to numb the lips as well as a topical cream that I put on for several minutes before each treatment. This takes away most of the discomfort and makes it very tolerable. In addition, the Restylane Silk also has lidocaine mixed in with it so that it numbs the area even more as the treatment progresses.

6. Is Allergy testing necessary?

No. You do not need to be tested for allergies like we used to do for the older collagen treatments. Restylane is made up of the same material found in your cartilage. Since you already have this in your body, you can’t be allergic to it. That is also why it lasts longer than older injectables. Your body does not see it as a foreign substance.

 7. How old do you have to be?

Anyone over the age of eighteen can have this treatment of there is the need. However, most people do not begin to develop these lines until they are in their 30’s or older. There is no upper age limit and people in their 80’s frequently have these treatments.

8. Can all skin types be treated.

Yes. All types of skin can be treated. This is approved for use in all races and colors. There is no scarring issues because the treatments only use small needles. As long as the patient has the lines and wrinkles in the appropriate places, then this is an effective treatment.

9. Can men be treated?

Both men and women benefit from Restylane treatment equally. There is no difference in the results between men and women.  The differences are in how much product we use and where to maintain a feminine or masculine look as desired.

10.Can you combine Restylane Silk with other facial treatments?

Yes. We frequently do this at the same time as other procedures. Sometimes, we are using it with other injectables such as Perlane, Botox, or Dysport. At other times we are using it at the same time as surgical procedures such as facelifts and eyelifts.

11. What is the recovery time?

There is no down-time necessary for Restylane Silk treatments. We have people immediately put make-up on and go back to work. Some people even refer to this as a “lunch hour procedure”. No change in your routine is necessary. You can use whatever facial products you normally use. It is fine to exercise. This is one of the reasons these procedures are so popular.


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