Dr. Steven Robinson of the Plastic Surgery Group

January 2012

Recalled French Breast Implants

The French Government has recalled all PIP breast implants. These were only made in France and used in the European Union and some in South America. They were made with “industrial grade” silicone, not “medical grade” silicone. That means they are contaminated with things that were never meant to be placed inside the body. All of thse implants should be removed and replaced with safe implants.

I have already spoken to women who have had these placed in other countries and we are arranging replacements here in Columbus, Ohio. We are inquiring into the possibility of receiving compensation from the French Government for these women to help with the cost. I would be happy to make inquiries on your behalf.

To set up a free consultation to discuss your implants and whether or not they are the recalled type, please call us at (614) 326-4661.  Thank you


Steven Robinson, M.D., F.A.C.S.



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