Dr. Steven Robinson of the Plastic Surgery Group

June 2010


The mini- tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is sometimes all that is needed to tighten up the area under your belly button after childbirth or weightloss. This procedures has a shorter incision and requires less recovery time. Most people are back to work and doing normal daily activities in under two weeks.

To see if this is right for you, or if you may need a full abdominoplasy, call us to set up a complimentary consultation today .We are conveniently located at 4661 Sawmill Rd., Columbus and our number is (614) 326-4661.

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A recent trend has emerged of people from the United States travelling to foreign countries for Plastic Surgery procedures. Most of these are third world countries offering a bargain price for surgery. However, there are real risks with this aproach. I am seeing more patients in my practice who come in with serious complications after such surgical misadventures. They have been sent back home with no follow-up appointments and no instructions of what to do if there is a problem.

Many patients seeking to save money end up spending alot more back home taking care of the complications, most of which could have been avoided by haveing the procedures done here. The hospitals in these third world countries do not have to meet the same standards as our own and infection rates are much higher in certain parts of the World. In addition, there is no way to be sure of a surgeon’s training and experience when going to a foreign country. There are few regulations and no legal remedies if something goes wrong.

My advice is to avoid surgery of any kind outside of the United States unless it is an emergency while travelling. Too many Americans are having unnecessary complications and harm from this surgical vacation concept. Do yourself a favor and stay here for surgery, vacation afterwards.

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