Dr. Steven Robinson of the Plastic Surgery Group

October 2009

Eyelift – When Is It Time?

The eyelift is one of the most common operations I perform. Many reasons account for its popularity. First, the baby boomers are reaching “that age” when these problems typically occur. Also, the procedure is easily done with local anesthesia – not requiring a general anesthetic, and recovery time is minimal. So how do you know if you are ready?

The lower eyelid lift is done for those people who have wrinkles and/or “bags” under their eyes that are not due to occasional loss of sleep or seasonal allergies. These bags are always there. Much of this is hereditary so most people can identify other family members who have the same problem.

Upper eyelids age differently than lower eyelids and frequently become a problem at an earlier age. Excess skin accumulates in the upper eyelid causing what is called “hooding” of the eyelid. This can be so pronounced that one cannot see eyeliner or lashes. It can even block peripheral vision. Fortunately, the upper eyelift procedure fixes this problem beautifully and also with little down time.

For more information on eyelifts go to www.ohioplasticsurgeons.com and click on links to photos and procedure descriptions.

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How to find a qualified Plastic Surgeon

For my first blog post I think it is important to talk about how to find a qualified Plastic Surgeon. Unfortunately in today’s economic climate, many physicians and even dentists are trying to perform Plastic Surgery procedures. Many advertise questionable and deceptive sounding credentials. How can you be sure you are seeing a real Plastic Surgeon?

All Plastic Surgeons should be board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. No other board certification is recognized – period. In addition, every Plastic Surgeon should be a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is our largest professional group where we get much of our continuing education and keep up to date on the latest advances. Finally, talk to family and friends about their experiences.

I believe it is best to talk to more than one Plastic Surgeon before having a procedure. This helps you compare their experience, personality and cost. You should only have surgery with a surgeon in whom you have confidence and who makes you feel comfortable. To see what Plastic Surgery credentials should look like, go to www.ohioplasticsurgeons.com

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